This documentation applies only to the desktop version of the Vantage student site. It applies to Windows screen reader users and Windows keyboard-only users in the Chrome browser using NVDA or JAWS.

General Tips

  • Tab, Shift-tab, and arrow keys are used to navigate elements on a page.
  • Enter and space can be used interchangeably to select a button or a link.
  • Left and right arrow keys can be used to move among tabs in a tab control.
  • While you are reading a page using a screen reader, the keystrokes used for reading are not viewed as activity by the site. After thirty minutes of inactivity (other than reading), the site will return you to the login page.
  • Once you have logged in again, you will be returned to the page you were reading.
  • Context may update or change without screen reader notifying you.
  • Focus may return to running foot or address bar.

My Courses Dashboard and My Profile Pages

  • Error messaging may not represent actual error in Join Course.
  • When Join Course or Start Grace Period popup exited, focus returns to address bar.
  • JAWS does not read course number.

Content, Assessment, and Activity Pages

  • In-text functionality such as notetaking requires a mouse and is not recognized by screen readers.
  • JAWS does not read progress percentage.
  • In some texts, asterisks denote updated material in content and not required material.
  • Frontmatter and backmatter headings do not receive keyboard focus on tab-through.
  • Skip links are to main content and to first activity in section.
  • Notes in right rail cannot be deleted.
  • JAWS does not indicate correct or incorrect answers in assessment review panel.
  • Keyboard users may get stuck in loop in review panel. Tab to Return to Top to exit.

Reading Poll Results

  • At the end of the poll results there is a checkbox. This allows you to switch between the results for Your class and the results for All respondents.
  • Your class is the default setting and is read by screen readers as checked. All respondents is read by screen readers as not checked.

Video Player and Media Library Page

  • Progress slider is operable using the arrow keys when using the keyboard only, not when using the keyboard and a screen reader. However, when using the keyboard only, the progress bar often gets stuck.
  • Sound controls are only operable when using the keyboard alone, not when using the keyboard and a screen reader. When using the keyboard only, mute/unmute using the Enter key or space bar, and adjust the volume using the arrow keys.
  • The enter key activates/deactivates closed captioning, the spacebar does not.
  • Use the arrow keys to access and adjust video quality and playback rate. Each setting adjusts automatically upon receiving focus, not upon activation.
  • Transcripts are expanded and read by default. Use the Enter key to activate the transcript button for status.
  • Videos do not contain audio descriptions.